Want to feel smart and confident with your money?

This book contains a no-nonsense framework that will help you take back control, so you can live a life you love.

No more sleepless nights worrying about money.
No more wishing you could afford to retire early.
No more wondering about how much you'll need in retirement.
No more wishing you could shake your bad financial habits.
No more worrying about stock market crashes.

Hello, my name is Anthony 

I’ve been a financial planner for over three decades. During those years I've helped hundreds of people, and even won awards!

I want to help as many people as possible, so I wrote this book.

Inside this book, I’m going to show you how my specific framework works because:

During the last three decades as a financial planner I've picked up tons of experience and knowledge helping hundreds of people on a one-to one basis.
Many were experiencing the same avoidable problems with their spending and retirement funds.
Too many were suffering sleepless nights worrying about money and their future.
Lots wished they could have afforded to retire sooner.
Some were shocked to discover they could have afforded to retire sooner, if only they'd known it earlier.
And with my help they were able to turn things round and enjoy a brighter, more secure future, filled with confidence and peace of mind.
Everyone has a right to feel smart and confident with their money. Everyone is entitled to live a life they love. And that includes you.

DISCLAIMER: I have to tell you... not everyone will get to live the life of their dreams. I've been a financial planner for a long time and I know that most people don't put into action what they learn, and so they don't get any results at all. You see, anything worth doing in life requires effort, risk and persistence.

But for those that are willing to put in what's required, I can show you how to transform your finances using a simple framework that works.

The book I have on sale on this page is called 'The Anthony Plan - Empower Yourself to Take Control of Your Money, Build the Wealth You Need, Live a Life You Love'  ...because that's exactly what it is:

A plan that will empower you to take control of your money and build the wealth you need, so you can live a life you love.

You can buy a copy if you want.

It's only $4.99.

And if you like it, maybe you'll want to share your experiences and become part of a community where you can get the help and support you need whilst you master your money skills.

Or not.

Either way, it's a good book that outlines everything you need to transform your finances.

Here's some of what you'll discover inside this book:

How to define a life you love, even if you're new to this kind of thinking and don't know where to start.
A practical method for improving the way you think and behave around money.
The five reasons why too many spending plans fail, and how to deliver a spending plan that works for you.
How to spend less time struggling with your money and more time living your life.
How to survive major strains on your finances, whether it's from losing your job or losing a loved one.
The best approach to demystifying the complex world of financial products, so you can make your life easier, and make your finances more predictable.
A simple but effective method for setting meaningful milestones.
Tried and tested techniques for reshaping your financial habits so that they'll support you, instead of letting bad financial habits sabotage your prospects for a better life.
How money works. Yes, how it really works (HINT: it's not how you think it works.)
How using a framework of four concrete steps can clear your debts faster than you think.
A process for getting the information that will reveal the best ways to reduce costs and charges without compromising your future.
How to prioritize your spending plans so they'll seamlessly support you throughout the different stages of your life.
Why complexity is crushing your financial prospects, and how to replace it with a simple system that works.
The 'Swiss Army Knife' in every successful financial plan, and why you should treasure yours like your life depends on it ('cos one day your life just might...)
A simple process for working out your future long-term investment returns, so you can spot the risks (I mean opportunities) you'll encounter along the way.
A system for overcoming the flaws in your thinking when organizing your financial stuff.
A method for working out how much you'll need to spend each month, starting today, to ensure living a life you love is both achievable and secure.
The best strategy for exploiting the financial system, so that the system works for your benefit, not the other way round. 
The five virtues of every good spending plan.
The lessons learned from other people's mistakes, lessons that will save you from the same grief and hassle, and potentially save you a ton of money.
How to come up with a powerful Investment MAP, to ensure your wealth will not only survive the storms that swirl in the economy and markets, but will come out all the stronger for it on the other side.
Learn which insurances are worth the money and which are not worth the paper they're written on.
And a whole lot more...

The book also includes self-assessment exercises, and more to help you get started with The Anthony Plan, so you can get results quickly.

It works even if you know nothing about money and finance

You might be thinking that you'll need to get to grips with a jumble of jargon or fancy formulas in order to read this book and implement it's lessons. But don't worry, this book is a no-nonsense framework, written in plain English, that will actually help you take control of your money so you can build the wealth you need without having to become a PHD in finance!  

It's why I'm so excited to be sharing this book with you today!

What they say about me 

"I really enjoyed working with you to attain my financial goals, believing you understood my perspective fully and had the best interests of me and my family firmly in sight."

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Mr M Wilson

"I would like to thank you for the time and effort you put in, I feel we got the balance right and I will no doubt reap the benefits in years to come. I'll never look at a bathtub the same again!"

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Mr P Stockley

"You made everything so simple for us to understand and follow. We are so grateful for your time and guidance throughout."

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Sharon and Caroline

"Thanks for all your help and support over this last year helping crystallise our future plans."

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Phil & Toni

Here's my guarantee

Try the book and the exercises for one full year.

If for some reason you find you don't get any useful results I'll refund you the full $4.99.

Just email me and I'll refund you pronto.

Get Your Copy Of The Anthony Plan Now

See you on the inside,


    P.S. A quick recap of this very long page for those who hate reading:

    1. Too many people in their 40s and 50s endure sleepless nights and days filled with worries about their money and future.
    2. Over the last three decades I've helped hundreds of people overcome their anxieties, frustrations and confusions about money and investments.
    3. With my help they were able to take back control of their money, turn things round and enjoy a brighter, more secure future, filled with confidence and peace of mind.
    4. For just $4.99 you can get the book I wrote teaching you how I do it.
    5. Everyone has the right to feel smart and confident with money. Everyone is entitled to live a life they love. And that includes you.
    6. You can try the book for one full year. If for some crazy reason you do the exercises but don't like the results, I'll refund you the $4.99.

    About the Author

    Anthony became a financial planner in 1993 after six years military service.

    His qualifications are among the highest in the profession - he is a Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Fellow (Financial Planning), and a Chartered Financial Planner, with particular expertise in the retirement planning space.

    The 'Financial Planner of the Year Awards' are the Oscars of the financial planning world (well, in the UK..!) Anthony won in 2011 and 2012 in the category of 'Protection Planner of the Year.'

    He has written several books over the years, including fiction (Historical Fantasy) and non-fiction (Financial Planning.)

    Outside his work day, Anthony spends time with his family, including caring for his disabled adult son.