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Hello, I'm Anthony. I get it. You’ve been real busy these last years, working hard and raising a family. And now the kids are all grown, you’ve realised you’ll be old before you know it and your finances are in no shape for retirement. It's a scary thought and you don't know how the hell you're gonna do it. Each time you try to move forward you’re confronted by frustrations, complexities and jargon. Some days it makes you feel downright dumb and disheartened, and that's just not right. Everyone has a right to feel smart and confident with money. Everyone is entitled to live a life they love.   

Get yourself a copy of my book, where I'll guide you through The Anthony Plan, a four step process where you’ll discover the truth about money, learn how to take control of your finances, build the wealth you need, and live a life you love. 

Don’t work into your retirement when you could be enjoying time with your grand-kids. You only have one life. Make it a life you love.

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Once you have read the book, it will make me very happy if you send me your review

What will you learn from this book:

1. Your Money Identity

The way you behave around money reflects your identity. I'll help you discover the truth behind why you think and behave the way you do around money. You'll then find it much easier to act and adopt the habits required to become the type of person you want to be when it comes to money.

2. Your Spending Plans

You'll discover the virtues of a good spending plan and learn how to spend your way through a life you love. I’ll help you identify the resources available to support your spending, and I’ll guide you as you develop your plans to fill any gaps in your resources.

3. Your Wealth Building Plans

You need somewhere to put your money and wealth. I’ll show you how money really works and help you quantify the risks you can afford to take, need to take, and are willing to take. I'll help you discover the virtues of a solid investment MAP and I'll guide you as you develop your plans to build enough wealth to become secure in a life you love.

4. Your Safety Net

Sometimes things go wrong in life. There is no avoiding it. I'll help you discover the importance and virtues of a robust safety net, and I'll show you how you can easily adapt your plans so you and your loved ones can weather the impact of rough times.

Get your book

Once you have read the book, it will make me very happy if you send me your review

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